Business Closure Advisory

Business Advisory

Business is a transactional occupation that is objected to yield profits and add to investor's wealth. However, not all businesses are viable, or yielding desired results and some may be started with an exit strategy. Business closures are mostly cumbersome and need very good planning and right advices help the process smooth.

Closure or winding up of business is as important as the starting or commencing of a business. Business owners are served with notices for penalty, tax compliances and other filing deviations if proper initiations and documentation are not complied while closing down of the business or establishment. A business cannot be just shut down when the owner chooses, proper intimations have to be rendered to different departments so that they don’t initiate the requirement for periodic compliances. The information on the decision to close down the business has to be communicated to every employee and all relevant statutory departments. Once the communication is channelized properly, the next step is to cancel the registration of the business. Closure of business is as intensive as the start of the business and can be an overwhelming decision. Profito Global helps to overcome the businesses regarding the ambiguity that may arise when the decision to close business is on the cards. We help businesses with the required advisory service, documentation and liaising which adapts to different depths projected by different businesses.