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A brochure is a handy document that gives away the prime details of a business most effectively. Brochures are those tools that are the most innovative and cost-friendly ways of marketing. When an organization considers a brochure for its marketing needs, the brochure has to be creative and of the highest order.


Digital brochures, when designed with a creative outlook can easily attract customers and is a medium that can be easily shared amongst other interested customers. The structure of the brochure changes with the requirement of the business. There are various ways of presenting a brochure. It can be in booklet form, one page, directory, catalogues etc.


By infusing brochures into business, it can cater to different means of marketing a business. They are:

  • To stimulate the marketing of business of goods or services most creatively.
  • It helps in expanding the visibility of the business organization.
  • A well-formulated brochure attracts potential customers.
  • Acts as a medium of trust amongst the customers.


For an exclusive brochure, it is always ideal to approach a professional brochure designing company or agency. Profito Global’s brochure designing service is the best option for that. Profito Global understands the needs of the client’s business is portraying. The required content, images and assets concerning the business shall be submitted to Profito Global for brochure designing. Once the budget is estimated, it is intimated to the client. After the approval, the work commences. After the completion of the brochure designing process, the client is requested to analyse if the brochure meets their needs. After the client is satisfied, the output is then put forward to digital or print form as the client expects.



    • Small businesses and startups have limited budget for marketing their products or services. Making brochures in large quantities will not attract a big investment.


    • Brochures help create a lasting impression on the minds of the customer.


    • Brochures can be easily handed over to potential customers, especially during networking meetings.


    • The brochures are descriptive and don’t have a particular word limit like advertisements.

    • Trifold brochures : They are nothing but paper folded twice. The right panel of the brochure is folded inside and then again on top of the right panel. This type is preferred for high-end marketing purposes.


    • Bi-fold : The bi-fold brochure is one of the most opted versions of brochures. This type of brochure has got four areas for text where the information can be provided in the most precise and effective way.


    • Z-fold : The z-fold brochure is another creative way because of the way it is folded. It is sought-after due to its adaptability.


    • E-Brochure : E-Brochure is an exclusive type of digital brochure which are extensively used in e-mail marketing to reach larger customer base.


    • The brochure has to be kept simple and easily understandable. An attractive design with matters laid out with less ambiguity helps the customers to identify the mode of services provided.


    • The brochure should denote how ambitious the business is and the same has to be conveyed to the customers.


    • The company’s activities have to be mentioned and it should not confuse the customers.


    • The contact information has to be mentioned in clarity. The social media accounts, addresses, mail IDs, all of this have to provide in detail.

    There are different types of brochures according to need for which it was created:

    • Corporate Brochure/ Company Brochure which details out the company profile.


    • Product Brochure is detailed description of products with images.


    • Product Catalogue is a kind of brochure which enlists all the products dealt by the company. It mainly used for booking orders.


    • Spec sheets are a type of brochure which basically for the support of a salesperson. It mainly gives out pointers to features of the product.

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