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It is legally binding agreement between you and the customer concerning the sale of goods or digital content, or the supply of services (with or without goods).  

Customer contracts are written, binding agreements that are made between a customer (buyer) and a merchandiser (seller). Customer or consumer contracts can be made for various purposes. Customer contracts can be helpful for both the customer and the seller, as they provide written guidelines for the transaction.

Important things in a customer agreement - 

  • The date of agreement.
  • All parties to agreement.
  • General scope of agreement. 
  • Payment terms.
  • Contract expiration.
  • How the contract will be terminated.
  • Signature and date
  • No, it is not compulsory to register the customer agreement.
  • Customer agreement becomes valid when the customer accepts the terms and conditions stated in the agreement.
  • Yes, customer agreement is legally binding between the customer and the merchandiser who has signed on it

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