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For a business to sustain there is a requirement for various exchanges on a routine basis. It is always ideal to keep track and monitor them with the help of well-drafted Vendor agreements.

Vendor agreements are legal documents that states or specifies the various provisions that are related to the type of goods or service involved. A vendor agreement ensures that there will be less chance in the rise of disputes. A vendor agreement has to be always accompanied by Statement of Work (SoW). A SoW is stated in a definitive and precise language. This helps in avoiding unnecessary rifts and also helps in giving much stricter outlook for the binding contract.


The main clauses that a vendor agreement enlists are:

  • The scope of the good or service provided.


  • The details of both the parties to business i.e., name and address of the involved parties.


  • Terms and conditions regarding the payment terms; especially the credit period, mode of payment, late fee, penalties if any.


  • The duration and termination of the business collaboration have to be mentioned, to know whether the agreement is construed either for a fixed time of termination has to be carried out on the happening of a particular event.


  • A vendor agreement can also specify confidentiality concerning the dealings of the business activity. Whatever deems fit for the participants of the business needs to be included in the agreement.


  • The inherent risks of the business have to be mentioned and both the parties involved need to come to terms with the same.


  • In the event of fraud, the liability has to be limited from the vendor’s purview. But if any sort of damage has been caused, then the vendor is obligated to rectify those damages.



Profito Global helps in drafting a clear and well-drafted vendor agreement. Terms and conditions are considered keeping in mind the nature of business of both parties involved in the business. Profito Global ensures that the vendor agreement developed by them specifically caters to the requirements and is dedicated to that particular scenario in which the business is set up.

  • The major advantages of vendor agreement are:

    • Increases efficiency

    The required elements that have to be comprised in an agreement ensure the smooth functioning of the business. This in turn helps in enhancing the relationship between the parties involved in the agreement.

    • Risk definition

    The vendor agreement helps in stating the probable risks that might arise over time and also states clauses that can help rectify them.

    • Cost reduction

    Forming a vendor agreement leads to better transparency and therefore there will not be any clauses or requirements in the unknown.

    • Enhances Productivity

    When there is a structured format for the conduct of business, it helps in systematic functioning. It also helps in delivering services as set by the agreement.

  • No, it's not compulsory to have a vendor agreement. But it is advised to have one as it aids in the better management of a business.

    • Fixed Price Contract: These types of contracts are adapted for goods and services which are negligible in quality overruns, market fluctuations and other volatility.
    • Indefinite delivery contract: If the contract can’t propose the intended quantity or unknown the duration of the whole contractual period.
    • Cash reimbursement contract: In such contracts, if there is an additional occurrence of any activity which was discussed earlier, such activities have to be reimbursed with cash. This type of contract is commonly implied.
    • The date of the commencement of the agreement and the date from which the provisions of goods or services will be initiated.
    • The delivery arrangement of goods and services
    • The location where the services have to be provided.
    • The business scenario has to be discussed and clauses have to be drafted accordingly.
    • The signatures of the parties to the agreement.

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