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Job description entails the duties, tasks and responsibilities expected of a job position. A job description helps in explaining the deliverables before the hiring process is initiated. A job description is prepared to align with the organisational hierarchy.


The job has to be described according to the requirement of the business. It is also required to be discussed whether it is on par with the business perceptions of the employer.


Job descriptions help in complying with a variety of needs projected by the employer like salary planning, to evaluate the performance levels, elaborating on the job titles, and majorly as a tool for recruiting. When a job description is written with efficacy, it produces a realistic picture of what the employer precisely expects from the candidate.


When a job description is drafted for the company, it assures that the hiring for any job position will be strategic and varied of any biases.


The key elements of a Job Description:


  • Job Title: It is a concise explanation of the job. The title gives an insight into the specifications of the scope of the job. A candidate should be able to quickly identify whether it meets their credentials or qualifications.


  • Tasks or Responsibilities:  Enumeration of the duties and responsibilities of the job. The methodology of how the work is supposed to be nurtured by the prospective employee has to be enlisted under this head. The tone of work has to be mentioned in the job description. The aspects of the job concerning how the layout of that position aids in the working of the business.


  • Performance Standards: The Key Result Areas and Key Performance Indicators helps in understanding the nature of work. These measurements help enhance the work culture and the involvement of the potential employees. It also aids in the hiring process where people are exclusively selected based on such indicators.


  • Skills Required: Elaborating on the list of skills that are required for the job position is necessary. Physical skills, communication skills, social skills and teamwork capability are some of those skill sets. Other than these usual skill sets, any special skills or technical proficiencies shall be conveyed in the job description.


Profito Global analyses the structure of the client's business and takes note of the work system. Profito Global assists the organisation in curating job descriptions that fit their needs and helps inattracting qualified candidates.


    • A clear description of the roles and responsibilities for the listed job position


    • Unbiased appointment of manpower. It helps in curbing unnecessary chaos in the organisation.


    • Cost savings are initiated by avoiding non-essential hiring.


    • Power conflicts between the top management personnel can be restricted through a structured hiring process.


    • Justifies the pay grade or salary description by listing the tasks and responsibilities of the job position.


  • Yes, job descriptions have to be updated regularly. This is because with time there will be sufficient changes concerning the job features, responsibilities, salary structure etc

  • A well-written job description ensures that apt candidates will only apply for that particular job. The layout of the job description assures accountability and productivity.

  • ​​​​​​

    A job advertisement is an extremely concise form of a job description. It is purely constructed for the intention of marketing.

  • Professional help in the preparation of a job description is an essential requirement because only an expert can make sure that the job description encompasses all relevant details.


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