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An attractive package is one of the main elements  that we look in a product. The initial step to garnering the customer's attention is to put forward excellent packaging. Therefore, package designing is the most salient area when it comes to product placement.

Package designing changes for every product, the requirement changes with the product and the level of uniqueness expected out of the product.


There are many reasons why a business should invest immensely in package designing.


  • An ideal packaging design provides intensively on its functionality. The product should be kept safe from the time it moves from the manufacturer to the time it reaches the end consumer.


  • All potential customers should be able to draw their attention to the product because of the attractive package the product comes in.


  • The product's packaging should stand out when it comes to the competitor's products. A consumer should be able to differentiate the product.


  • The packaging should act as a sales promotion agent for the product. The packaging should be able to stimulate the sales of the product.


So many factors come into play while deciding on an ideal packaging design for a product.


  • Firstly, it depends on the product and its condemned use. Every product design differs in dimensions, the delicacy, the make of the material, or whether it requires a distinctive packaging altogether.


  • Secondly, the next conscious factor enlists the target audience. It should be of utmost importance to know the crowd to which the product is catering. The packaging should be of appeal to the customers.


  • Thirdly, the place of display. The display of the product can be either in a supermarket or directly to the consumer. Packaging differs concerning how the people are buying the product.


Profito Global experts understand the intricate features of the client's product and plan accordingly. Their level of expertise is trustful and will essentially deliver the correct packaging design that suits the product. Profito Global also has good market research skills, ensuring that the product packaging will not be redundant.


    • Primary packaging : Packaging can be done in such a way that it takes up the shape of the product. This way product becomes exclusive and one of its kind. This kind of packing is called primary packaging, where the packaging comes in direct contact with the product.


    • Secondary Packaging: is the packing that comes outside of the primary packaging. Secondary packaging gives added protection to the product over the primary packaging.


    • Tertiary Packaging means covering goods when sending bulk orders or heavy loads of products. It is to make sure that the product doesn't come across any damage.

    Packaging is an essential requirement to launch a product. When there is better packaging of products, it will excite the existing customers and bring in more potential customers. Introducing an attractive package design at the initial stage itself can boost sales.


    A package design expert could easily identify the client's need and bring out the best solution in no time. This will ensure that the client's focus is always fixated on deciding crucial decisions.


  • Yes, packaging can take different forms concerning the type of product in question.


    Packaging can vary for different products like:

    • Food and Spices


    • Clothing and Retail


    • Cartons and Boxes


    • Gift Packaging


    • Product labels

    Yes, Branded packaging is an essential tool which promotes the brand and equally serve it for protection. It is considered as the most important tool of marketing and ensures the customer’s loyalty towards the brand.


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