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TDS Return is a source of collecting tax by the government of India at the time when transactions take place. It is filed quarterly and is compulsory for deductors to submit TDS return on time.    


Who is eligible for TDS Return?      

  • Any person who make specified payments as follows:

  •  Payment of Salary

  • Income by way of “Income on Securities”

  • Income by way of winning lottery, puzzles and others

  • Income from winning horse races

  • Insurance Commission

  • Payment in respect of National Saving Scheme and many others



  • Register and File TDS Return              

  • Form 24Q

  •  Form 27Q

  •  Form 26QB

  • Form 26Q

  • TDS Tax Refund


  • Yes. We have to file TDS returns.
  • No. TDS returns are filed quarterly.
  • Yes. Registration in TRACES have to be done by the deduction to file Quarterly returns.
  • Quarter 1 - July 31st Quarter 2 - October 31st Quarter 3 - January 31st Quarter 4 - May 31st

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