Transaction Accounting

Accounting and Reconciliations

Accounting of business transactions, irrespective of the size, volume, nature, and no of employees, is critical to the financial structure, financial discipline, and financial management that sustains and grows the business. Proper book keeping helps in accurate and timely transaction accounting which consequents to financial statements presentation and other analytical reports useful to management for decision making.

Annual Accounts Preparation

Accounting and Reconciliations

Business or profession, whatever activities one or an entity is engaged in, book keeping, accounting, and financial statements is a must have for various reasons. Periodical, that can be either regular day to day or annual, financial accounting and compliance fulfilment are inevitable. Where annual books preparation suffices, financial statements too are prepared annually.

Bank Reconciliation

Accounting and Reconciliations

Finance management is a close task for a management in utilising funds. Knowledge of the available funds for disposal for business requirements at finger tips on a daily basis is desirable for proper finance management. Bank Reconciliation statement does exactly this for a finance manager.

Vendor Reconciliation

Accounting and Reconciliations

Multiple types and number of transactions are part of association with vendors or suppliers of products or services. In and out movement of goods, payments, receipts, returns, discounts and offers. A periodical reconciliation between the inentity and its vendors accounts is a healthy practice to foster professional long term relationship with vendors who are critical to the business.

Customer Reconciliation

Accounting and Reconciliations

Different types and number of transactions arise while dealing with customers of the entity. Business to business customers have long term relationships with the entity. In and out movement of goods, payments, receipts, returns, discounts and offers. A periodical reconciliation between the entity and its customers' accounts is a healthy practice to foster this long term relationship with customers as they are key to business growth.

Financial Statements Preparation

Accounting and Reconciliations

Preparation and presentation of financial statements of a business is important to analyse the financial performance and position of assets and liabilities. Financial statements form the base report for business valuation and ROI assessment. Periodical preparation and evaluation of financial statements is critical to ensure business is financially strong and well performing.