Private Limited Company

Business Formation

The most popular business constitution that has an advantage of limited liability for the shareholders or owners. Offers an identity of credibility to attract funds and build a global reach for the business. Well monitored with a string of compliances, this model has the best exit strategy for investors.

Limited Liability Partnership

Business Formation

A blend of benefits of limited liability and flexibility of partnership which makes LLP form of business a corporate alternative to private limited company. Lower compliances and ability to raise funds from different sources along with ease of management makes this form of framework desirable among business owners.

Partnership Firm

Business Formation

Easy to form with simple and cost effective process, partnership firm is a business constitution that enables flexible ways to raise funds to any extent. Though the risk of liability being unlimited, partnership form of business is widely in existence because of ease of establishment and maintenance and resource pooling.

One Person Company (OPC)

Business Formation

Corporate identity with limited liability feature yet business continuity, ease of fund raising, all this at the comfort of single ownership. A rising form of business constitution where equity is self owned.