GST Returns

Statutory Filings

Youngest but largest compliance under indirect tax regime in the country. A document that needs filing with the tax authorities through a step by step process that needs accuracy, transparency, and full disclosure to arrive at tax liability. An inevitable exercise for registered dealers.

TDS Returns

Statutory Filings

Tax deducted at source, it's remittance, and returns submission in various forms through a defined process ensures consistent revenue source for the government. An important compliance under the direct tax regime that is inevitable to any business.

Income Tax Return Individual

Statutory Filings

Income tax return filing, an annual exercise of income assessment, tax payment, and return submission has more advantages than just a compliance under direct tax regime. Responsible citizen, loan eligibility evaluation, one of the documents in the checklist for any business and personal deals are all the reasons that ITR filing should not be missed for any financial years, even if there is no income.

PF Filing

Statutory Filings

One of the labour law compliance that ensures employees' benefit over the long run of their work life. Mandatory in nature once applicable, it needs accurate calculations and monthly filings of PF contributions, from both employee and employer. Employers thus become instrumental contributors of employees' savings.

ESI Filing

Statutory Filings

A pivotal labour law compliance item that has far fetching support to employees' medical needs. Calculations, contributions, claims, settlements, are all ingredients of ESI compliance. However, regular ESI Filing by the employer is a mandatory pre requisite to avail any benefits under the scheme by the employees.